For the Financial Year ending 31st December, 2023


The Conair Group Limited is a UK based business, whose ultimate parent company is Conair Holdings LLC, a company incorporated in the USA. We are a leading provider of personal care appliances, including hair & beauty accessories, together with table-top kitchen appliances. As a Group, both internationally and here in the UK, we are committed to having transparent arrangements with our suppliers, the majority of whom are based in the Far East and most of which we have been working closely with for many years. They are monitored by both our UK and international management and regularly audited by fellow subsidiary companies who are based in Asia, to ensure their compliance with Conair’s Workplace Code of Conduct; an integral part of the Factory Certification Manual.


We are committed to ensure that both Conair and its supply chain adhere to ethical practices, to the extent that we have a dedicated Audit Team with a particular emphasis on performing both planned and unscheduled rigorous factory audits to ensure those standards are met.  We also arrange for third party audits to be conducted, which are based on the labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the UN Charter for Human Rights, Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base code and relevant national regulations. 

Conair aims to support suppliers in maintaining high standards of compliance and is committed to preventing human trafficking, slavery and child labour. Where circumstances fall short of our requirements, we will work closely with those concerned to improve their standards by implementing a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and provide the relevant training and monitoring. If sufficient improvements are not achieved after working with the supplier then Conair will ultimately terminate the trading relationship.


Our Code of Conduct and processes are regularly reviewed in line with local laws, standards and other governing bodies such as the Occupational Health & Safety Management (OHSAS18001), Environmental Protection Management (ISO14001), Quality Management (ISO9001) and Fire Safety Management.  

These sources shape the standards by which we measure our suppliers and are a pre-requisite to trading with Conair. We believe all parties should be working to promote staff welfare and ethical trading in the work environment.


We encourage an open and transparent relationship with our suppliers. Many of our suppliers work predominantly with Conair and have a long standing relationship with us. It is not unusual for Conair staff to be periodically deployed to work within our suppliers’ premises for a variety of reasons but all with the purpose of expediting the best results. These long standing and collaborative relationships are often naturally aligned to our ethos in supporting the promotion of human rights. Newer relationships can achieve this where an open, transparent and collaborative relationship is established. We consider the nature of our trading relationship in evaluating risks and develop our training, monitoring, and auditing programmes accordingly.


We recognise the importance in educating our staff and will be implementing training to raise their awareness in all matters concerning modern slavery, how to spot the risks, where to report their concerns, and how we can work to protect the most vulnerable people in our society.

Ian Nuttall

Managing Director

10 January 2023